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My name is Kristina.
I am the founder of Chagall. 

I’m originally from Belarus but have lived in California since 2014.

After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley, where I studied waste, materials, and circular economy, I decided to put my skills into action and create a sustainable and socially responsible marketplace featuring designer brands from my home country. 

About Me



Chagall is a sustainable marketplace/lifestyle brand born out of love
for high-quality materials, long-lasting designs, and eco-friendly business practices.

I am passionate about making this world a little (OR A LOT — why not dream big?) more sustainable while supporting amazing socially-responsible designer brands from my home country.

The name “Chagall” is inspired by one of the world’s most renowned Belarusian artists Marc Chagall. Marc created dream-like figurative and narrative art that explored his Jewish identity and life in immigration.

For example, Marc painted I and the Village the year after he moved from Belarus to Paris. I and the Village is a reflection of Chagall's dreams and childhood memories of Belarus.

As a Belarusian living in San Francisco, I have organized a number of events and social initiatives in the US, supporting the Belarus liberation movement. The movement, led by women, fights for democracy and human rights.

At Chagall, I am proud to feature clothing and accessories of brands that are also
at the frontline of democratic changes
in Belarus and other neighboring countries.

Each brand featured at Chagall is carefully selected to make sure it aligns with my values.

Our shipping is Carbon Neutral. Our packaging is recycled and recyclable. I couldn't do it any other way!

I hope you enjoy Chagall! Thank you for your support!

and human rights

fight for democracy

high-quality materials

timeless designs

environmentally sustainable



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